Argue Naked! And Other Epic Love Strategies...


Just Say "NO!" to Mediocre Love!

If you've been following The Loveumentary for any amount of time, you know that I'm fascinated with extraordinary relationships.

I love the amazing outliers of love. The couples who are doing what the rest of the world seem unable to grasp.

I love them because not only does their existence prove that mind-blowing love is possible, but I believe if we surround ourselves with these couples, study them, and learn from them, extraordinary love can be accessible to every one of us!

I'm inspired by the idea of living in a society that stops reading all of the trendy self-help books and articles that talk about cherishing relationships and experiences over things, and instead starts living it.

I am stoked for the day when the quality of your love is no longer measured by how long a couple has been together, but the connection, passion, and joy a couple creates together, and the impact they have on their community.

I hope you enjoy watching this TEDx talk. A lot of love, effort, and thought went into it.

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