Episode #13 - Maurice and Diane


[powerpress]I recently sat down and had a chat with Maurice Millett. Maurice was married for 54 years. He got married to his sweetheart, Diane, when he was 19. He was so young that  his mom had to sign off on the marriage paperwork for him.

Recently, Diane passed away, and I asked him to share some of his experiences from his 50-plus years in a happy partnership.

He was kind enough to oblige, and we had a pretty long conversation. I’ve cut it down a bit for time and focused on sharing his most relevant relationship advice with you all. Maurice and his wife were both raised as a Mormon (or member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and raised his children as very active members of the church. It is very evident in the stories he shares that religion was a big part... if not the biggest part of their lives.

To give you an idea of how their relationship was, take a look at the poem below. I copied it (with permission, of course) from a huge binder full of love poems that Maurice has written through their years together. It's obvious that he loved Diane 100%. And in this interview, it's apparent that she loved him 100%.

This is the type of love I aspire to, and a story we can all learn something from.

Summer, Winter, Good Times, Bad - Here's how I see the life we've had.

I've loved each and every year since you became my bride. I love how you've supported me in everything I've tried.

I love you in the morning, I love you every night. I love you even when Im' wrong, I love you when you're right.

I love you when you're happy. I love you when you're sad. I love it when I know that I have somehow made you glad.

I love your kind and generous heart. I love how much you care. I love my safe and welcome home. I love knowing you are there.

I love you gave yourself to me without my even proposin'. I love the children you have borne. I love those that we've chosen.

I love the greatest grandkids that any two could know. I love our years together as we have watched them grow.

I loved you when we both were young, I love you now we're old. My youthful love was silver, now, my love is gold.

-Maurice Millett