Episode #14 - The Bachelorettecast


[powerpress]In this episode, I put three girls together who have had very different experiences as single women. And yet, despite their stark differences, each of these ladies have come to very similar conclusions regarding what the need and what they want in serious, long-term relationships. One of the greatest struggles in developing and maintaining a loving relationship is the ability to be vulnerable with each other. It's a topic that comes up in nearly every episode in one way or another.

Sometimes we feel comfortable with someone and get too vulnerable too quickly, and it sabotages the relationship. Other times, we hold back out of fear of rejection. Our resistance to vulnerability becomes our downfall, because without true vulnerability one cannot experience true connection.

Finding the balance of when to be vulnerable, and how much of ourselves to share can only come with practice... which means we won't get it right every time. Sometimes we will be considered crazy because we unloaded our baggage too quickly. Other times we'll be considered distant or unapproachable because we don't allow people to get anywhere near the walls we've created for ourselves. These failures can be frustrating, and even embarrassing. But we must keep trying. Because practice makes perfect... and love is worth it.

And now you should watch this video. It will make you think and make you happy at the same time: 

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