Episode #6 - Eric and Alisa


[powerpress]When I first set up this interview through Alisa, I was excited to see what the marriage of a marriage therapist and dating coach would look like. I didn't know their backstory, their current situation, or even Eric's name for that matter. But I had heard a lot of what Alisa teaches, and I liked it. I was curious if putting her tactics into practice in a marriage would pay off. I figured the best way to find out was to talk to her and see.

After spending well over an hour with them, I can tell you from my experience that it works.

Although they are busy working and raising a family (Eric works as a fire fighter and running a business on the side, while Alisa acts as a marriage and relationship therapist and dating coach), their worlds are centered around each other. They have made an effort to understand each others love languages. They are kind and giving towards each other. They have fun together. They are still a couple, not just two separate individuals legally bonded together and living under the same roof.

Eric and Alisa are a perfect example of what I would love to have in a relationship one day. I hope you enjoy their hilarious stories, and learn as much as I did from this conversation.

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