Music Monday #4 - Break Ups


Relationships are like pants. We try on different pairs looking for the right fit. Sometimes we find a pair with the perfect combination of comfort and style. While others, well.... let's just say they looked better still on the rack. But without trying them on, dancing around the dressing room and twirling in the mirrors, we have no way of knowing.

breakup songs

This week's playlist is a mixture of genre's and styles, but songs that fit collaboratively under one theme- Break Ups.

From revelations and new beginnings to regret, confusion, and longing to be (back) together, the collection encompasses many aspects of both before and after a couple parts ways. Featuring artists such as U2, Justin Timberlake, The Lumineers, Passion Pit, The Cure, and many more, it's a fun and upbeat mix to bop your head to, despite the negative connotation with it's theme.

This Music Monday playlist is available on both spotify and 8tracks. We would love for everyone to listen, subscribe, and share with others. Happy Monday and share the love <3

**Some songs have explicit lyrics.