Saying "Goodbye" to The Loveumentary

Four years ago at a retreat I helped produce in San Francisco I did something that changed the trajectory of my life.

I sat among a group of complete strangers (who would soon become incredible friends). We went around the room and shared our most audacious goals with each other.

I declared to these people I'd never met that, "I am going to lower the divorce rate.”

I wrote that goal on the wall of the house we were staying in. I took a picture of it. And I've never forgotten it.

Since making that declaration, I’ve committed myself to becoming a student and an advocate of love.

That's when I started The Loveumentary podcast (it's officially been downloaded over 250,000 times). I’ve written for a bunch of major publications, attended and led relationship workshops all over the country, and even given a TEDx talk on love.

Then, last year came the true test.

I got married!

AngNateFormals goofy.jpg

I still have no idea how I convinced this amazing girl to marry me...

Right out of the gate I decided that the most important thing I could do at the beginning of our relationship is figure out how to be awesome at this marriage thing.

So, I put the podcast and my writing on the back-burner and threw myself into my marriage.

Holy crap, I gotta tell you... studying what makes a great relationship and actually doing it are two VERY different things.

I've been married for a year now, it's been incredible and challenging. I've grown so much as a man, a husband, and a human being.

I've gained SO much context for why people struggle in their relationships, and I've caught a glimpse into how marriage can be so incredibly, amazingly fantastic!

For the last few months, I've been itching and to share with you the most impactful and life-changing lessons I've learned from the classes and seminars I've taken, the books I've read, the experts I've talked to, and my own experiences.

Today, that journey begins.

I really want to get things off on the right foot, which means I'd like to know what it is you'd like to learn about most. Please take this quick survey and tell me a bit more about yourself and your situation.

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My goal is to do everything I can going forward to help you create a deep, lasting, fulfilling and inspiring love.

I promise.

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P.S. This site is called First 7 Years because 50% of first-time divorces happen in the First 7 Years.

And, research shows that most couples who are struggling wait an average of SIX years before asking for help... basically, they wait till it's too late.

I truly believe if I can help couples start their marriage on the right foot, and develop awesome relationship skills, their marriages will be so incredible they'll never talk about divorce. #RelationshipGoals