The 5 Seconds That Keep You From Having The Life You Want


5 Seconds Makes All The Difference!

Have you ever had somebody explain something to you and suddenly something that you've experienced your entire life just makes sense?

Yesterday I was watching this awesome TEDx Talk by Mel Robbins and it felt like Mel got all up inside my brain. (How did you do that, Mel? For reals.)

What really hit home with me is called the 5 Second Rule.

The idea is that sometimes we get these ideas, impulses, urges, or promptings to do something outside our comfort zone - It can be anything from jumping off a waterfall, to being the first person out on the dance floor, to giving someone a sincere compliment.

When you don't act on these impulses within 5 seconds of receiving them, the likelihood of you doing something about them goes straight to the crapper.

We talk ourselves out of it.

We get lost inside our own heads.

We convince ourselves it's too risky, juvenile, weird, vulnerable, or scary.

We miss the opportunity.

Yeah? So what? What does this have to do with love?

Woah, take it easy. I'm going to tell you...

Amazing love and successful relationships require vulnerability. Vulnerability means letting down your guard, or allowing potential harm to befall you.

Those impulses we get to do something wild and crazy - like complimenting someone you find attractive, or asking someone on a date, or moving in for the first kiss, or initiate sex, or proposing, or buying someone a gift, or asking them to dance - are the things that make love thrive!

If you stop acting on those seemingly crazy ideas, you lose passion, connection and playfulness in your relationship.

You defeat yourself with inaction.

All choices have consequences. Choosing to do nothing is a choice. A choice often followed by painful consequences.

Stop thinking. Start doing.

Pick up the phone. Ask for what you want. Offer the compliment. Ask her out. Pull him in tight and kiss him.

Please. Your life depends on it.

(Click below to see the video that inspired this post:)