The Ultimate "Love Hack"

A few weeks ago I ran a secret love test on my wife.

In one week I bought her flowers. I wrote her a sincere love note. I planned a fun date. I did all her least-favorite chores. And every day I came home from work I pinned her against the wall and planted a long (at least 10 seconds), passionate kiss right on her mouth.

At the end of the week I asked her which of those things meant the most to her.

“Oh, it was absolutely the kiss!” my wife exclaimed.

kiss wink.gif

I was blown away.

“Really?! A kiss takes 10 seconds and you appreciate that more than me doing the dishes or spending $10 on flowers (thanks Costco)?”

“Oh, most definitely.”

I found my wife's “Love Hack” – the shortcut to filling her love tank to the brim.

What fills your love tank faster than anything else?

What is the thing that when your partner does it you think, “Dang, I love that human so much!”

i love you so much.gif

Maybe your love tank gets filled to the brim with a good cuddle, by going for a long walk together, by being given some alone time, time to get a massage or spend time with friends, or by your partner making a meal for you.

My love tank gets filled to the brim when someone gives me sincere words of praise. I love it when people tell me how much I mean to them. (Hint: If you want to make my day, reply to this email and tell me if you appreciate these emails I send out.)

Does your partner know Love Hack? Do you know theirs?

Think how much better life would be if you openly shared your Love Hack the people you love. And what if they shared theirs with you too? You made a small effort every day to exploit each other’s Love Hacks and keep that love tank full.

im in love im in love.gif

Your mission for today is to share your Love Hack with the person you love and invite them to share theirs with you. Then make a plan to use the information to your advantage!


P.S. I’d love to hear how this goes for you. What’s your Love Hack? What’s your partners? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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