What Power Couples Do That Average Couples Completely Miss

In the last several years I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars, and countless hours on training and study to learn what produces deeply connected, passionate, lasting love.

In the next few posts I’m going to share with you several messages based off of the most impactful and important truths I’ve learned about creating epic love.

These truths can change your life.

I will dispel some of the most common myths you believe about love. These myths hold you back from getting to the next level.

I’ll also show you what you need to do if you want the real deal. I’m talking the head-over-heels, World Series, pajama-party-every-night kind of love.f

I’m going to start with the HUGELY important principle that is at the foundation of every incredible relationship. It is simple to understand, but it is NOT easy to live.

Are you ready?

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Average couples focus on getting insights. Powerful couples focus on getting results.

Let me give you an example:

Ever talk to someone who wants to finally lose that extra 20 lbs and get into shape… and they never do it?

They’re constantly talking about new diets, techniques that worked for friends, or new workout fads. They ask other people, “Oh wow! You’re looking so great. How did you lose so much weight?”

These people are obsessed with insights, but they’re not truly committed to doing what it takes to get the results.

It feels good to gain an insight!

It’s exciting to learn about a new diet.

It feels good to learn a new technique for conflict management.

It feels awesome to gain insight into how to have better sex, or communicate more clearly, or make your partner feel more loved.

But that feeling doesn’t create results.

Insights can become an addiction we chase from book to book, seminar to seminar, email to email.

The real difference-maker when it comes to marriage and life is whether or not you’re willing to take that insight and turn it into action, make a change, and get results.

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But Nate! That sounds hard, and it me feel uncomfortable...


Here’s another thing that separates POWERFUL couples from normal couples: 

Powerful couples are constantly expanding their comfort zone.

Ty and Terri are a perfect example. (Click here to listen to them tell their own incredible story on the podcast in part 1 and part 2.)

Ty was a youth pastor for his church. He always felt a strong pull to serve the underprivileged inner-city kids of North Omaha.

He had this idea to create a place for kids to hang out after school where they could have access to mentors, get help with homework, play sports, make friends, and avoid the drugs and gangs outside on the street.

This idea scared Terri. It pushed on her comfort zone.

She didn’t know how they would make this big idea happen financially, logistically or emotionally… but she knew Ty would not pursue his dream without her at his side.

Terri decided that could not prevent Ty from living his dream, so despite the discomfort she said, “Let’s do it!”

Together they opened the Hope Center for Kids. Since that time years ago, the Hlpe Center has impacted and even transformed the lives of THOUSANDS of kids.

Other than their family, this mission became their legacy.

This is the kind of thing a powerful couple does. They push on their comfort zone. They work together and achieve results!

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This is the kind of love YOU can have... but only if you are committed. Only if you are you ready to take action. Only if you are ready to push up against your comfort zone.

If you’re not ready, feel free to forget this website. What I post here is very results focused, and you won’t get anything out of it if you don't want results…

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Over the next few days, I’m going to share some incredible stories, insights, and truths with you. I’m going to invite you to take action. If you take these things to heart and you focus on getting the results I PROMISE – REGARDLESS OF HOW GOOD OR BAD YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS – YOU WILL SEE IT TRANSFORM AND IMPROVE.

Are you ready? I know I am!

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