What Would You Give Up For True Love?


Do you want to experience true love?

Of course you do...

Big deal. Everybody wants true love.

The real question is, what are you doing about it?

We all say we want true love, yet we fill our lives with hollow emotional clutter. We claim to want to experience deep connection, yet we are constantly on the lookout for a new way to numb our feelings.

We're addicted to Facebook, video games, our jobs, porn, The Bachelor, alcohol, and food.

We use our vices to escape.

When we are bored, we tune out the world with a marathon of Arrested Development on Netflix and a bottle of Nutella.

When we're feeling that social anxiety, we numb our fear with booze.

When we're lonely we flip on our computers and pull up some porn and well... you get the idea.

What Would You Give Up For Love | The LoveumentaryLet's say true love is, well, true. By its very definition, it must not be false, fictional, or illusory. In short, it must conform with reality.

Yet we sit around and complain that we'll never find it while we fill our lives with every empty and hollow counterfeit for love we can get our hands on.

Porn is the opposite of romance.

Facebook is the anthesis of true friendship.

Drunken nights ending in blackouts are the antithesis of late-night soul talks resulting in deep and meaningful connection.

Where's true love? It's out there. What are you willing to give up to get it?

For 30 days, join us, and give up one of your love counterfeits. Sacrifice that emotional crutch. Abandon the guilty pleasure. Tear down that wall you've been hiding behind.

Let's get vulnerable! Let's connect, experience emotions together, laugh, cry, dance, scream! And let's make room to experience true love!

We're starting on Monday, August 19th. You can join our Facebook group, or sign up to get daily emails to help you through this process. Check out more details on this page. Be part of the community that is bringing love back in style!

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