Love Songs

Music Monday - Honey Come Home


The Head and The Heart - Honey Come Home Not to get too morbid or anything, but I've been thinking a lot lately about the possibility that I could die alone, never having truly fallen in love. It's a scary thought, which is one of the reasons I think I really love this song. The lyrics, "Just wanna die with the one I love," resonate with me at this stage in my life.

I think that's really at the core of what many of us desire. We have a gaping hole that we just want to be filled before we die.

I hope you enjoy this lovely version of this song.

Music Monday #20 – Love Letters Part 6


Happy Music Monday! This week closes out the Love Letters playlist. We hope you've followed along and listened to some fantastic love songs. The final five songs feature artists such as Elton John, Coldplay and Eric Clapton. And yes, we cheated a bit on the last song, but it will be well worth it. Promise. Enjoy the tunes and share the love on this glorious Music Monday <3

Music Monday #19 – Love Letters Part 5


The Love Letters playlist is coming to an end. Next week we will finish it up with V through Z (should be a piece of cake). But this week,enjoy the musical stylings of Cat Power, David Gray, the legendary Righteous Brothers and more. From soft piano notes to lightly sweeping synths to jubilant banjo, this Monday's five additions encompass a little bit of everything. Leave your love song suggestions for V through Z below. We could certainly use some help! Looking forward to your suggestions and hope everyone enjoys the music. Happy Music Monday and share the love <3

Music Monday #17 - Love Letters Part 2


This week is the second addition of the Love Letters playlist! Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions on love songs starting with letters E though H. Below is the updated playlist. See if your suggestions were added and take a listen to discover new loves or old favorites. For those who missed the first installment, allow us to introduce The Loveumentary's weekly Music Monday project. We've created an ongoing playlist of alphabetical love songs that will continue over the next 5 weeks. Starting last week with A through D, we'll be adding four new songs every Music Monday.

*To suggest love songs for next week (starting with letters I through L), leave a comment below. We look forward to your suggestions and hope you enjoy the music!

For the Beach Boy fans out there, listen to the original version of “God Only Know” via the YouTube video below! Happy Music Monday and share the love <3

Music Monday #16 - Love Letters


The Loveumentary is creating an ongoing playlist over the next 6 weeks. We will be alphabetically listing four love songs each Music Monday, starting this week with A though D. The "Love Letter" Playlist will include songs of any genre, decade or style. But this is a community project, so we want your help! Leave a comment or suggestion for next week's love song additions starting with letters E through H. We look forward to your suggestions and hope you enjoy the music! Happy Monday and share the love <3

I've Got This Friend...


We've all been in that position before. We want to tell someone what our true feelings are, but we're too nervous or scared of rejection. So rather than address our issues in the 1st person, we through out the infamous "I've got this friend..." phrase. Everyone knows you're really talking about yourself. But there is just something about being able to express your feelings when you're not directly attached to them that makes them a little easier to share. That's what I love about "I've Got This Friend" by The Civil Wars.

The story of these two cautious lovebirds who yearn for love but have a hard time admitting it really hits home with me. I hope you enjoy it, and pay close attention to the words. My favorite part is the bridge:

"Oh if the right one came, if the right one came along..."

Music Monday #14 - Feel the Love


In an effort to remind others that we are all connected, The Mowgli's are spreading a message of love and unity through music. The California drops of sunshine are on a happiness level all their own, with a fun-loving vibe will make you want to hug complete strangers. So when you have thoughts of doubt, moments of vulnerability, or feelings of loneliness, listen to The Mowgli's for a reminder of how united we all truly are <3 Happy Music Monday! [youtube]

Well I've been in love with love And the idea of Something binding us together You know that love is strong enough. And I've seen time tell tales About that systematic drug Yeah, that heart that beats as one, It's collectively, unconsciously composed.

I lost my head in San Francisco Waiting for the fog to roll out But I found it in a rain cloud, it was smiling down. Do you feel the love, I feel the love. C'mon, c'mon let's start it up, Let it pour out of your soul.