That's a question I get all the time! The answer something I've researched for years... and it can be complicated.

And honestly, it's not the question you should be asking.

Many people get married, and have mediocre, or even miserable marriage... and they never get divorced.

Of all the ways to measure the success of a marriage, whether or not you stay together shouldn't be one of them!

Instead how about:

  • The number of lives you've impacted for good
  • The quality of your memories
  • The quality of your friendships
  • The daily joyful experiences you experience together
  • The support you give each other to pursue your dreams and goals to make the world a better place...
  • The amount of laughter you share together
  • How the quality of your sex improves over time

See what I mean? There are SO many ways to judge the quality of your relationship that are NOT whether you get divorced or not.

So, "How do I avoid divorce?" is not the right question.

The right question is more like, "How do I create a marriage so wonderful, so connected, so passionate, that divorce is never considered?"

One thing I've learned throughout my studies is that prevention, education and fortification early on in your relationship are FAR more important than seeking help when you really need it.

According to Dr. John Gottman, most couples wait 6 years too long to ask for help when they're suffering.

Typically by that time, it's too late. Couples who wait to learn healthy relationship skills have months or even years of built up destructive habits, and emotional scars.

Before they can create an incredible relationship, they have to unlearn and heal SO much!

The time to protect your relationship from divorce is early on in the first months and years.

So, if you're reading this because you are scared of getting divorced, or you want to have a better marriage than your parents, or if you just want to have a better relationship than you have right now, you're in the right place!

I am going to teach you some of the most effective and important skills you can have as a partner that will make your relationship AWESOME. Here's a teaser of what you'll learn:

  • How to build trust and connection that endures the hard times
  • How to have difficult conversations with your partner that leave you feeling closer together
  • My 3 favorite questions to ask every day that generate intimacy, passion, and partnership
  • How to start pursuing your dreams as a couple
  • Tons more...

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