When I was in my 20's thinking about what marriage would be like one day, I envisioned myself as being an incredible lover.

I wanted to be the kind of partner who initiated spontaneous, playful, unrestrained, love-making with my wife.

I dreamt of having the kind of love life that would make a glittering vampire jealous.

Then I got married, and reality hit.

Sex is awesome, but it's not always easy!

Lots of stuff can get in the way of creating this lavish love life.

Work, school, social events, exhaustion, marital conflicts, shopping for groceries, a dirty kitchen, Netflix, fluctuating moods, hormones, health issues, a never-ending to-do list, self-consciousness... the list goes on and on.

All of these things can effect the frequency, quality, and enjoyment of your sex life.

Sometimes it's great, and other times it feels anything but lavish.

I recently heard a statistic that made me super sad.

According to a Newsweek estimate, a whopping 15-20% of married couples are having sex 10 times or less per year.

That's less than once per month!

They call this type of sex-starved marriage a "Dead Bedroom."

sad couple.gif

No couple ever gets together and says, "Hey, you know what sounds awesome? If we never have sex."

Dead bedrooms, unsatisfying sex, and arguments about your love life creep up on you over time... and it's almost ALWAYS because nobody ever taught you how to navigate this deeply personal, sensitive, vulnerable type of relationship.

But now you're in luck.

If you're struggling with your sex life, or if you just want to avoid getting swept down the lonely path of a passionless relationship, I'm here to help.

I've cultivated the best expert advice, and tactics for cultivating a lavish sex life, and put it in a series of emails for you. I'll even send them to you for free! 

My only request is that you use this information to make your relationship incredible! Use them to make every single day you have together count. Use them to give your partner unbridled, no-holds-barred love.

Don't settle for being a mediocre lover. Rock your partner's world!

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